PHP代码:移除Remove Microsoft Word HTML Tag

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移除 Remove Microsoft Word HTML Tag

当你使用 Microsoft Word 会创建许多 Tag,比如 font,span,style,class 等。这些标签对于 Word 本身而言是非常有用的,但是当你从 Word 粘贴至网页时,你会发现很多无用的 Tag。因此,下面的这段代码可帮助你删除所有无用的 Word HTML Tag。
function cleanHTML($html) {

/// Removes all FONT and SPAN tags, and all Class and Style attributes.
/// Designed to get rid of non-standard Microsoft Word HTML tags.
// start by completely removing all unwanted tags
$html = ereg_replace(“]*>”,””,$html);
// then run another pass over the html (twice), removing unwanted attributes
$html = ereg_replace(“]*)(class|lang|style|size|face)=(“[^”]*”|'[^’]*’|[^>]+)([^>]*)>”,””,$html);
$html = ereg_replace(“]*)(class|lang|style|size|face)=(“[^”]*”|'[^’]*’|[^>]+)([^>]*)>”,””,$html);
return $html
Detect browser language
If your website is multilingual, it can be useful to detect the browser language to use this language as the default. The code below will return the language used by the client’s browser.

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